Tap-Tap solo exhibition - Digital Art Center Taipei

2011.10.01-10.30 / Taipei Taiwan

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary XII
Did you hear me

This piece of work includes the sounds heard along the way from the carts starting off the feed mixing plant to the pigsty, as well as the visuals of pigs charging toward the fences once they hear the carts coming from the distance and grunting ceaselessly at the top of their lungs when expecting the feed. Demonstrating the loudest and the most chaotic part of one's work at a pig farm, it presents through slow motion and silence in the most part a seemingly contrasting fact: in the world of pig breeding business, the more frenzied, clamorous and jostling the animals get when they compete over feed, the healthier they are in actuality. Oddly enough, I find the most stable peace of mind in the most unstable realities.

The moving and screaming wallpaper surrounds the jobless situation which is the scene of grabbing one spoon of rice under this economic recession.

The concept of this piece is realized via moving and sounding images projected on the wall as wallpapers.


紀錄片XII – 你聽見了我嗎