The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary IX
Next Stop

My life in the pig farm is not merely full of labor intensive works. I have also experienced some personal growth and transformation, along with the pigs. At each stage of their growth, my emotion and perception change with them. When pigs grow older (and gets bigger), they need to be moved to different rooms. This work, therefore, documents the 68 baby pigs delivered by myself and every time they move.

The document Next Stop includes the preparation work, the process to goad the baby pigs to the next room, and how we transport the grownup pigs to the pig market through trucks. It is a seven-month-and-an-half process. The background music –starting slowly and gradually becoming passionate – also captures my contradictory feeling, anticipating but yet reluctant to say goodbye.

Life is full of worries. Every stage of life has its worries. In most of the cases, the previous stage is actually the foundation of the following stage. Every stage is important because they influence each other. The life in the pig farm is the same. I want to make this documentary a recording of my self-examination – just like the waves hitting the shoreline, those pigging running toward their next stop, can we really maintain our best condition in this world overloaded with informaiton? Can we attune ourselves to be fit into our next stop at a firm pace?


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