Jia Hsin Wu Chang Jung Solo Exhibition - Project Fulfill Art Space

2011 / Taipei Taiwan

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary VIII
Night Night Flower

Every day when I finish the routine jobs of feeding and cleaning, my dad and I will walk through the floating dream one by one, without distraction. It is the work which requires the greatest patience as well as the greatest eyesight. While the temperatures are low, pigs – the sick ones and the healthy ones – will stay close to each other as they are deeply asleep. For m, it is the most magical scene, visually speaking –just like the carpet patterns interlacing with each other. It sometimes even comforts me about the worries that some ill pigs are deserted at the corner, waiting for anyone’s intensive care.

Therefore, walking through these moving carpets becomes my diary to record my night-by-night routine to check the health condition of the pigs. It also records my self-reflection and my future direction. I keep telling myself that I should not let the superficiality of the outer world to replace those which really deserve my care and concentration.


紀錄片VIII - 眠花