Taipei Arts Awards - Taipei Fine Arts Museum

2010 / Taipei Taiwan

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary VI
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˙Flower World

While I feed the pigs in the pig farm, my previous experience has been teaching me how much portion I should give to the pigs. If the baby pigs eat too much, they will have diarrhea problem. If the mother pigs eat too much, they will a difficult delivery. Every time after I finish my feeing work, those pigs will follow me with their tails waging, as if they are asking for more to eat. That is how I come up with this connection.

This documentary features the pigs wagging tails. I rotate the shots at various angles. By doing that, I start wondering what moving patterns I can create with these pigs in different colors. The flowers are bloom, closing, opening up, and withering. Elegant but short, the circle of life is visualized into the wallpaper-like patterns.

From the pigs’ tails to the flowers, and from the flowers again back to the pigs’ tails, their interlacing relationship invite viewers to think about how many fancy “patterns” we need to deal with the outer world. Do we really need to decorate ourselves like the gift wrap to survive in the world? How we value the beauty of the surface is imposed by the symbol system. What do we bring to the world? And what does the world know about us because of these fancy patterns? In whose name we are completing this process? We are making our great effort to ornate everything, for what?


紀錄片VI - 討好˙花世界