Invisibleness is Visibleness International Contemporary Art
Collection of a Salaryman-- Daisuke Miyatsu

2011 / Taipei Taiwan

HOW MIAO - VT Artsalon

2010 / Taipei Taiwan

Final Assessment Exhibition of Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts Tainan National University

2010 / Tainan Taiwan

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary IV
Little mince cloth

This film records the process veterinarian anatomizing and examining the ill pigs.

Before the anatomy, the veterinarian will firstly gives the pigs an electric shock, and dissects them at the status of brain death. I keep track of the dying organs, and arrange them into the flora pattern in order.

Every scene is crocheted by pig organs and the background sound is pig’s lament when being castrated. The two elements form the work, active and wailing flora cloth, Florgan Cloth.

I try to convey the idea of wonderful and, meanwhile, brutal world by the displacement of the two perceptions.


紀錄片IV - 小碎肉布

 這件作品是獸醫解剖化驗生病豬隻過程的記錄。  解剖化驗前,獸醫會先將豬隻電擊,使豬隻成腦死狀態再進行解剖。我記錄這些即將停止運作的內臟,並依被取出於肉體外的器官順序安插畫面,依序排列編織成小碎花布狀。