The 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

2012 / Oberhausen Germany

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary III

This film, Slot Machine, is a record of an important aspect of my work at the pigsty – the mating and breeding of pigs.

Under natural settings for mating, a healthy female pig can give birth to 6 to 9 piglets, but through artificial insemination, a female pig could easily gestate 10 to 21 piglets. Each piglet carries a price tag of 1000 yuan. Thus, to raise the financial returns on a pig farm, artificial insemination has replaced natural mating methods.

It takes about six months before the results of an artificial insemination effort can be determined. Being under constant economic pressure, and wanting to maximize my own time and effort, this process of inseminating a pig and then waiting for results felt like I was playing the slot machines each time I artificially inseminated a pig.

This documentary is a continuation of my kaleidoscopic vision of the pigsty. Here, the Slot Machine theme accurately expresses my feelings of anxiety and my imagination as I wait for results after breeding, whether from natural mating or artificial insemination -- one of my most important tasks at the pig farm.



 「SLOT MACHINE」這部作品記錄了我在豬舍工作中很重要的各配種生產環節。

 在自然交配狀態下,一隻健康的母豬可以生出大約6~9隻小豬,而人工授精可以讓母豬的生產數 提到10~21隻不等,一隻小豬剛生出來約有一千元左右的價格,因此為了提高豬場經濟效益,人工 授精已經漸漸取代了豬隻的自然配種方式,每一次的人工授精需等待六個月母豬生產完才能知道是否 有成功。面對經濟壓力在這人工加趕催促到等待產量成果揭曉的過程中,我執行配種這工作如同玩吃 角子老虎機一般。

 此部紀錄片延續了我對豬舍為萬花筒的想像,並藉由SLOT MACHINE的形式來表達我於人工授 精、自然交配授精,這兩項豬舍重要工作中,等待成功結果的情緒與想像。