The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary II
Jia Hsin

Jia-Hsin is the name we registered for our family’s pig farm.

This work follows the kaleidoscopic visualization of the pigsty documented in the film “Pig Five Flower.” It is a visual record of a week of my life in the pigsty, filmed between December 25 and 31, 2009, and attempts to realistically document a special transitional year in my life: 2009 – a year of living as a pig feeding machine.

Each segment of the conveyor belt pictured in this work represents a task that is repeated every day and night. The images were organized and edited according to their sequence in my repetitive daily work procedure. In addition to documenting the reality of the assembly-line type work I did at the pigsty, the images of the production line conveyor belt from my family’s pig-feed manufacturing plant, realistically documents my days as a human pig-meat manufacturing machine.


紀錄片II - 家興