Tap-Tap solo exhibition - Digital Art Center Taipei

2011.10.01-10.30 / Taipei Taiwan

Tap - Tap

Documentary II

This is a sound installation using sounds that are normally seen as "noises", sounds that are heard at the last phase of a batching plant - cleaning up of the raw material container, batching of livestock feed and piling up of the feed on trucks.
The work re-presents the image of "piling up" - the main mode of operation in a batching plant - through sounds and images. Every step and procedure is completed by "piling up" in order to function normally, follow the correct formula and produce the right product. It also portrays finished feeds piled up high and solidly, and the measures to be taken for proper storage. By piling up sounds and images, the work also implies a hope for an intact economic pyramid for the world.


紀錄片II – DA-DA

 此作品藉由紀錄飼料製作過程所發出來常被他人稱為「噪音」的聲音編織出的聲音設計,透過配料廠工作的最後-配料桶清空、飼料打 包成袋、以及各袋一包接著一包,送往卡車上堆疊等,過程中常被他人稱為「噪音」的聲音,編織而成的「音樂」。