Tap-Tap solo exhibition - Digital Art Center Taipei

2011.10.01-10.30 / Taipei Taiwan

Tap - Tap

Documentary I

"Sound" is an integral part of fodder factory. The sound of machines tells if they are functioning normally, signals a "work mode" and dictates the progress of work. While at work, workers need to listen to the sounds of all types of machines attentively, determine progress and decide what button to press. Raw material goes in from the right and comes out from the left. One batch after another, the material is taken to the barrels at the other side of the factory. Consisting of repeated steps and separated by paralleled rows of procedures, the production process works much in the same way as a typewriter. The da da sound resembles the sound of confirmation inside a plant - a sound that brings hope and stability to everyday living for me and my family.
Using sounds of the production process - sounds normally regarded as "noises" - as the design elements, and with the inclusion of imagery as a supporting role, this sound installation records the piling-up, tumbling, breaching and spilling-out of material - common scenes on a conveyor belt - to present the artist's impression and hope for balanced supply and demand of the world's natural resources.


紀錄片I – TAP-TAP

 「聲音」在飼料廠裡,扮演著很重要的角色,機具所發出來的聲音是否正常,代表著工作的狀態,影響著工作的進度,工作中須專注的聆聽各機器所發出來的 聲響,並藉由這些聲響來判斷進度,判別雙手該揮舞於何方按下按鈕。原物料從右到左,一波接著一波的往另一頭目的桶送去,每個步驟的循環,有秩序一列又一列 的生產過程,讓我如同工作在大型打字機中一般,作品中答答答答的聲響記錄著工廠正常運作所發出來的正確聲響-為我與家人每天所期待的一種帶來穩定生活安全 感的聲響。
 此作品藉由紀錄飼料製作過程,所發出來常被他人稱為「噪音」的聲音編織出的聲音設計,透過作為輔角的影像紀錄中原物料在攪拌軌上 堆積 崩塌 潰堤 溢出 等現象,呈現對世界生態能源供需平衡之感受與期盼。