Taipei Arts Awards - Taipei Fine Arts Museum

2010 / Taipei Taiwan

Eslite Showcase - Eslite Gallery

2010 / Taipei Taiwan

The Kaleidoscopig Farm

Documentary I
Pig Five Flower

This film is entitled “Pig Five Flower.” I call all the healthy pigs on our farm Pig Five Flower. In 2008, our family’s pig-feed business became a victim of problems in the larger economic environment that led to rising prices on raw ingredients. We temporarily halted production, and focused on the pig breeding business to use up our leftover stocks of pig feed. As a cost-cutting measure, we laid off all of the employees at the pig farm, and my mom and dad took on the work of caring for the 2,000 pigs on the farm. I took off my nail extensions, put on my wellington boots and pitched in to help out at the pigsty.

Our entire focus for every hard-working day on the pig farm was the health of the pigs. One of the signs of healthy pigs is that they will circle around the trough as the food cylinder rotated and dispensed food. Visually, it reminded me of a kaleidoscope.

I documented the ideal image of healthy pigs that we’d hoped to see each day we worked at the pigsty, and edited the recorded images into the kaleidoscope that I’d imagined -- a kaleidoscope that turned out herd after herd of healthy pigs, representing my family’s hope for economic recovery. I also hope that through this documentary, this continuous kaleidoscope of healthy pigs would lessen the pressure my family feels about our financial situation.


紀錄片I - 豬五花